Hybrid & Online

The future of events is here

Nowadays, events are no longer constrained by time or place. Instead, participants expect to be able to choose when, where and how they engage. Exhibitors demand more value, more ways to connect with their prospects and more data insights to prove their RoI. That’s why you need technologies that enable seamless experiences as participants move between physical and digital spaces.

Bridge the gaps between physical and digital

Enrich your event experience with the freedom to attend whenever, wherever, and however your participants desire. Make everyone feel welcome whether they’re attending your event in person or online  – while offering high-quality content accessible from anywhere!

Create opportunities for everyone

Empower your participants to meet in video calls, chat, explore content, and much more. Exhibitors will increase their brand awareness and sales base by connecting and engaging with visitors pre, during, and post-event, while visitors can network, attend sessions, learn, and collect valuable content.

Bring your event to the homes of your online audience

Online events have been a much-needed breath of fresh air for the event industry. Not only do they help organizers expand their audience and promote inclusivity, but also provide an opportunity to increase revenue by easily tracking critical data about your participants – no matter where they are located!

Personalise every experience

Give your visitors and exhibitors the personalised event experience they deserve. Match their interests with content, and suggest compatible seminar options tailored just for them. Allow your exhibitors to increase their brand visibility and collect valuable leads.

Understand and maximise participants' behaviour

Imagine you could differentiate participant experiences at your event to target market sectors for the next edition. What if you could identify and qualify the anticipated success an exhibitor would have by exhibiting? What if you could deliver an event experience that would make your visitors return every year? Identify clear behaviour patterns and leverage them to sell smarter.


Create experiences that matter


Create memorable experiences with the most robust, scalable, flexible and affordable registration tool that you know you can always depend on.

Digital Content

Whether it's event, product or seminar-related, information, you can seamlessly share it with visitors, and allow your exhibitors to do the same with their own content.

Digital Badges

Make event access easier, both in-person and remotely, by using digital badges that are carbon-neutral, easy to use, and affordable.


Provide an unforgettable event by tailoring recommendations based on interests, keywords, and product categories to meet your audiences' unique needs.

Messaging & Networking

Spark conversations through meetings, 1-1 chats, RFPs and inquiries with people, companies or about products.