Take complete control of your show floor

Visit is your one-stop shop for all the innovative and simple solutions you need to plan successful in-person events that generate high quality leads, get unprecedented insight into people’s interests, and boost networking. Whether an intimate meeting or a massive conference with thousands of attendees, our software revolutionises how you plan, manage, and execute every event.

Create personalised attendee journeys

Grow your audience, impact event success, empower your stakeholders, increase engagement, and experience new levels of interaction and insight.

Offer a digitised show floor

Confidently welcome individuals to your premises, with safer onsite experiences while controlling access to specific sessions or areas, and managing venue capacity.

Add value through sustainability

Deliver relevant content to your audience while reducing the carbon footprint of production. We offer a full range of services that will help make this happen for exhibitors and their audiences – all at an affordable price.

Drive interaction

Empower your visitors to interact with show features, seminars, and content. Visit’s smart technology drives show interaction, encourages visitor engagement, and reduces the environmental footprint of your event.

Do it yourself, or let us do it for you

Whether you prefer to act independently, or would rather rely on our team of experienced professionals, we have what you need to deliver amazing results. From onboarding training, to project management and on-site support, we’ve got it all covered. After all, what is a great service without amazing people to deliver it?


Built to help you achieve goals


Create memorable experiences with the most robust, scalable, flexible and affordable registration tool that you know you can always depend on.

Access control

With our innovative solutions to ensure the safety and convenience of visitors, you can focus on other important business while managing your venue's capacity.

Badging & Check-in

Streamline your registration process and offer your participants the experiences they deserve with smart or digital badgess and seamless access to seminars.

Lead Capture

Equip your exhibitors with tools to engage with your visitors and manage, understand, and affect their own ROI.

Digital Tools

Use Touchpoints, QR Codes, and Digital Badges to deliver relevant content to your audience and qualified leads for your exhibitors, while reducing your carbon footprint.