Master your show floor

While the last few years have proven the importance of direct social interactions, the return of in-person events has brought additional challenges for organisers. Visit has enhanced their toolset to help you deliver impactful in-person events and create exceptional experiences for participants.

With a set of reliable resources, we help organisers worldwide in their the struggle to drive participant engagement, and choose the right tools for registration, access control, and badge printing.

Visit Check-in

Visit Check-in is your most powerful and reliable tool when it comes to onsite-related activities. It is used for:


Looking for registration that is :

Stop looking! Visit registration is all this and much more!


From design to print and access to the event, you have all the options to create the experience your participants deserve:

Check-in Lite

Check-in Lite is Visit’s proprietary access control software, an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, progressive web application. It is a real-time, no-need-to-download, web app that can be used on any smart device. Use it for access control at the event, seminars, and health safety check.

Lead capture & content sharing

Use tools that engage your participants, encouraging them to network, interact and share ideas. With Touchpoints and QR codes, you and your exhibitors can share relevant digital content, such as flyers, brochures, pictures and videos, while collecting valuable visitor data.


Set the stage for success


Create memorable experiences with the most robust, scalable, flexible and affordable registration tool that you know you can always depend on.

Access control

With our innovative solutions to ensure the safety and convenience of visitors, you can focus on other important business while managing your venue's capacity.

Badging & Check-in

Streamline your registration process and offer your participants the experiences they deserve with smart or digital badgess and seamless access to seminars.

Lead Capture

Equip your exhibitors with tools to engage with your visitors and manage, understand, and affect their own ROI.

Digital Tools

Use Touchpoints, QR Codes, and Digital Badges to deliver relevant content to your audience and qualified leads for your exhibitors, while reducing your carbon footprint.