Lead capture is essential for exhibitors at events, as it’s the main driver for growth and revenue. It also helps build visibility and credibility by getting the attention, trust, and interest of event participants. Touchpoints are small NFC devices which enable the transfer of information between exhibitors and visitors, created to make the lead capture process as smooth and efficient as it can possibly be for all of them.

Effortless, contactless, paperless

Enable your exhibitors to easily share company and product content, while cutting their costs for producing printed materials that usually end up in the trash can anyway. Make it effortless for visitors to gain valuable insight about exhibiting companies, with a simple tap of their badge.

Keep it simple

One of the golden rules when creating a lead capture system that delivers results is to make the process as simple as possible. With pre-assigned touchpoints, all exhibitors have to do is place them on their stand and wait for visitors to start tapping. It doesn’t get easier than that!

Focus on engagement

While all participants are certainly aware of the importance of networking at events, sometimes resources, time or even social skills may not be enough to ensure no opportunity is missed. Touchpoints are a chance for everyone to build connections that may otherwise never happen.

Make it green

Sustainability has become an increasingly important concern for all industries, and events are no exception.Touchpoints have been designed with care for our planet in mind as they help reduce paper waste and carbon footprint of events. They are also reusable, allowing for continued use at future events, further reducing waste and promoting sustainability, thus enabling organisers to show their commitment to the environment and take a step towards creating greener events.

Increase brand awareness

Collecting leads and content through Touchpoints is a memorable experience on its own, and has become a trade mark for events already using this technology for a few years now. Furthermore, you can also choose a personalised design for Touchpoints – and even a whole marketing campaign centered around them – that makes your organisation or event logo stand out and have your exhibitors and visitors return year after year.

Ready to give it a go? Manage your event, the easy way.