Discover an event platform that elevates performance and creates value with every visit



Discover an event platform that elevates performance and creates value with every visit


Take control of your events at every step

Inspire and drive value with every visit.

Create engaging events. In-person, hybrid & online.

Empower your participants to interact with show features, seminars and content. Visit’s event technology drives show interaction, encourages engagement and reduces the environmental footprint of your event.

Make visiting and exhibiting at your event the best possible experience, while creating behavioural insight for your teams.


Grow event attendance.

Analyse trends, identify and target audience sectors, manage your data across all your events, portfolio-wide, to really look after your participants. Incentivise exhibitors to invite prospects, empower visitors to invite their network and advocate your show. Ensure full commitment at registration with add-on bookings tailored to registration response.

Understand your audience

In today’s digital world, data is gold. Data drives objectives, informs decision-making when adjustment is deemed necessary, and proves value both delivered and derived. Customer retention and loyalty should follow.
To succeed, we have to know our customers.
Understand their motivations. Invest in their experience. And measure efficacy. Take complete control of your event, gain insight into exhibitor success, visitor flow, potential bottlenecks, increase customer loyalty, and promote sales rebooking with valuable event intelligence reports.

Turn spaces into places.

Staging an event is a balancing act between creativity and innovation. Events should be informative and entertaining for attendees but also inspire them to trade, learn and grow! The way we experience and interact with the world has changed dramatically. Spaces are no longer limited to just one’s physical surroundings but can now include virtual realms as well! Visit revolutionises how you create immersive and engaging events..


Complete event management solution

We provide all these features and many more.


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