Access Control

Master Your Show Floor


Choose innovative solutions for access control

Unleash a wide array of advantages that go beyond the venue

Real-time analytics

Keep an eye on event metrics as they happen.

Capacity management

Use Visit Check-in to effortlessly manage venue capacity.

Visitor management

Minimize bottlenecks and ensure smooth entry and exit.

In-and-out tracking

Manage crowd flow and venue capacity effectively.

QR code scanning system

Quick and contactless check-in experience.

Track seminar attendance

Gain insights on attendee behavior.


Use reliable access control to create exceptional events

Create contactless, seamless, paperless events

Focus on creating memorable event experiences for your visitors, maximizing their satisfaction and engagement levels, while reducing queues.

Get robust, scalable, customizable access control

Tailor access control features to any type, size or location of event, and use Visit’s mobile-friendly, no-need-to-download, progressive web app on any smart device.

Reduce wait times & simplify event access

Allow your visitors to spend less time in queues and more time on the actual show floor.

Track your show floor & improve ROI

Use Visit’s advanced monitoring capabilities to gain deeper insights on attendee behavior, identify and target specific audience sectors, and increase profitability for you and your participants.