Unleash the Power of Data


Unrivalled Insights

Extend events beyond the venue

Data-Driven Personalization

Deliver more engaging events.

Track Attendance

Plan resource allocation.

Real-Time Updates

Monitor success as it happens.

Monitor Capacity

Automated venue occupancy updates.

Compare Events

Performance Measurement.

Revenue Insight

Product purchase reports.


Your Strategic Advisor for Memorable Events

Basic Intelligence:
Your Go-To Event Metrics

Access to real-time event metrics, including attendee numbers, revenue, and registration sources is essential. Make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and adjust marketing strategies on-the-fly to ensure event success.

Basic Intelligence features:

Advanced Intelligence:
Dive Deeper into Event Analytics

Analyze lead statistics, compare event and exhibitor performances to gain deeper insights, thus ensuring a more informed and strategic planning of future events.

Advanced Intelligence: