Set them up for success

Exhibitors bring the bulk of events revenue, so happy exhibitors equals loyal customers, and a constant stream of income. Therefore it is understandable that you strive to meet all their demands and needs: brand promotion, finding new customers, maintaining connections, networking, and building new partnerships, no matter if they’re attending in person, online, or both. Visit’s got you covered with all of this and more, available through the Connect App.

Get them ready before the event

You know that success starts with proper planning, you do it when preparing your events, so why not do the same for your exhibitors?

With Visit Connect exhibitors can: register their staff for the event and give them acces to the app so they can collect leads, upload their company and product content, ready for visitors to explore virtually, set up questions tailored to their business to help them qualify leads, invite their clients and partners to join the event, and respond to messages and meeting requests.

Drive RoI during the event

Streamline event access for exhibitors and their staff, with digital badges available in the app, allow them to collect leads at the scan of a badge and ease the follow-up process with notes, voice memos, pictures, and answers to the pre-set questions. Even when the on-site connection is shaky, they can still rely on Visit Connect to sync leads collected while offline.

For visitors who are shy or in a hurry, a touchpoint or QR code lets them collect digital information and swap contact details.

At hybrid events, meetings can take place directly in Visit Connect, and visitors can continue to discover and connect with exhibitors virtually.

Review & follow-up after the event

Once the event is done, exhibitors can view all their active, passive and virtual leads within the app, see which of their products sparked the most interest, export leads collected and share them with their teams for rapid follow-up, or push the data into their CRM to use it in marketing campaigns.


Choose the tools for the best exhibitor experience

Staff Registration
Exhibitor App
Lead Capture Setup
Digital Content