Networking & Engagement

Build Participant Connections


Boost Engagement & Networking

Extend events beyond the venue

AI-Driven Interactions

Intelligent networking.

Facilitate Meetings

Simplified scheduling.

Event Planning

Agenda made easy.

Streamline Lead Capture

Qualified leads.

Content Delivery

Collect & engage.


Build connections.


Discover Visit's Event Apps

Optimize Event Interactions

Use Visit’s unique apps – Connect and Discover – to facilitate connections between participants through all stages of the event.

Simplify Meetings

Empower attendees and exhibitors to set up and manage focused conversations. Streamline discussions and negotiations no matter where you are.

Guide Their Journey Planning

Visit Discover’s intuitive agenda enables attendees to plan their event journey, mark favorite sessions, and get the most from the event experience.

Streamline Lead Capture with Visit Connect

Harness the power of the Visit Connect app to collect qualified leads efficiently. Generate leads from visitor interactions with QR codes and/or Touchpoints.

Share & Engage: Digital Content at Your Fingertips

Empower exhibitors to share relevant content with visitors, facilitating meaningful interactions and offering deep insights into products and services.

Uncover Networking Opportunities

Visit Discover and Visit Connect directories offer an unmatched level of networking and engagement. Locate and communicate with other participants through searchable lists, controlled by privacy settings.

Gauge Success with Feedback & Surveys

Post-event evaluations are crucial to planning future success. Utilize Visit Discover to capture attendee feedback, ensuring continuous improvement for future events.