Registration & Ticketing

Start with the Essentials


Simple & Powerful Registration Solutions

Extend events beyond the venue

Expand your reach

Allow visitors to register anywhere, on any device, at any stage.


Glean instantaneous insight into every single registration.

Stay flexible

Tailor the process to fit the specific needs of your event.

Create sustainable events

Reduce your carbon footprint with digital badges & QR codes.

Grow your audience

Empower visitors to invite their network.

Make it personal

Create bespoke registration pages.


Streamline Registration & Empower Participants

Discover Customizable & Robust Registration

Discover Visit’s SaaS registration solution that saves time and adds rich features to the process, and lets you accommodate any number of attendees, with no limitations. Tailor the registration process to fit specific needs of your event, by adding custom branding, setting up specific ticket types, or integrating with third-party tools.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

With over three decades of experience in event registration, we’ve earned the trust of major players in the event industry. Quickly and easily manage all aspects of the registration process, without having to worry about the technicalities of setting up a registration system from scratch, and count on Visit to always deliver – online and offline.

Create personalized attendee journeys​

Grow your audience, impact event success, empower your stakeholders, increase engagement, and experience new levels of interaction and insight. Set up multiple registration types, custom registration forms, and vouchers to suit your participants’ needs.

Build Smart Show Floors that Drive Interaction

Empower your visitors to interact with show features, seminars and content, encourage visitor engagement, empower visitors to invite their network, and glean instantaneous insight into every single registration, conversion, and interaction.


Personalized Registration Features

Create custom registration to suit your event goals and needs with conditional rules, multilingual options, and status segmentation. Identify and target audience sectors, incentivize exhibitors to invite their prospects, and ensure full commitment with add-on booking.