We protect your data

Compliance at Visit

We understand the pivotal role data plays for event owners. It fosters community, adds value, and informs strategy – it’s the heart of your enterprise.
We have a strong commitment as a data processor, focusing on protective measures to safeguard, manage, and maintain your critical information.

Our Commitment

Our operations prioritize compliance in areas like cyber security, GDPR, PCI, data privacy, third-party supplier accreditation, and extensive team training.

Infrastructure and

Visit is hosted on the AWS Ireland server.
With triply redundant servers, we guarantee maximum uptime and seamless continuity. This means your events and data remain at your fingertips, regardless of traffic spikes or global access demands.

We acquired the ISO 27001 and PCI SAQ-A certifications as proof of our commitment to information and payment security. Our journey continues as we aim for ISO 9001 certification in 2024, focusing on Quality Management to consistently deliver excellence.

Creating Sustainable Events

With the aim of achieving carbon neutrality, we embrace transformative measures.
Our innovations include the UK’s first online registration, e-badges, and self-service registrations – all part of our legacy of reducing environmental impact and enhancing the welcome experience.

Environmental Stewardship

Our operations are focused on sustainability. This influences decisions, guides our practices, and dictates our choices of products and suppliers. We’re meticulous in planning, robust in execution, and we’re always evolving our environmental strategies.
To prove this, we were among the first to secure the BS 8901 accreditation, followed by the ISO 20121 certification.

Digitizing the Event Floor

We’ve digitized event interactions through NFC Technology. This smart solution lets attendees connect and share without the need for printed materials – a true green initiative for the digital age.

Redefining the Welcome Experience

We question the old ways with our digital badges & tickets. In an era where everyone has a smart device, we believe printed badges are redundant.
Our goal is to minimize your carbon footprint right from the entrance, making the welcome experience smoother and entirely digital.

At Visit by GES, compliance is not just a standard - it's our pledge to you and the environment, ensuring responsible, impactful experiences for everyone.