Revolutionise lead capture with Visit

Leads are one of the main reasons why exhibitors go the extra mile to attend your shows. Visit’s lead capture solution is a suite of tools designed to help you streamline and maximise success for you and your exhibitors at every event.

The Visit Connect App

Visit Connect is the perfect solution for companies looking to grow their business. It allows them to collect qualified leads with questions tailored specifically to their industry, and follow up on those insights later, while taking notes, voice memos and pictures to avoid gaps during conversations and connections.

How the app works:

Exhibitors can easily access the app through a simple click. They capture leads by scanning the QR codes on visitors’ badges. Works with both digital and printed badges.

QR Codes (Scanpoints)

Enable exhibitors to share company and product-related information (presentations, URLs, brochures, videos, etc.) through QR codes displayed at their booths, easily integrated into their branding. You can also link QR codes to event-related content, display them on media walls or posters across the show floor, and use them to share relevant information, and track interest in specific topics, seminars etc.
How QR codes work: 
Visitors scan the QR codes using the visitor app on their smartphone or tablet to collect content they’re interested in. They can review that content later in the visitor app. In return, exhibitors receive the visitors’ contact information.


Touchpoints are small RFID devices that can be linked to a company’s profile or product content (presentations, URLs, brochures, videos etc.), and displayed at exhibitors’ booths. You can also use them to share event or seminar-related information, and track interest and access to specific areas.
How Touchpoints work: 
Visitors tap the Touchpoint using their smart badge to collect content that they can access from their visitor app. In return, exhibitors receive the visitors’ contact data. Touchpoints require the use of printed smart badges (RFID badges).