AI Matchmaking

Elevate Networking with AI Matchmaking


AI Matchmaking for Next Level Engagement

Extend events beyond the venue

Personalized Connections

Tailored recommendations.

Enhanced Networking

Facilitate meaningful connections.

Intelligent Randomization

Encourage unique and unexpected connections.


Create Engaging Events with AI Matchmaking

How does AI Matchmaking work?

Visit Discover utilizes data analytics and AI algorithms to actively recommend connections, products, and activities that align with attendee preferences. Seamlessly integrated into our hybrid event apps, AI takes event networking to the next level.

Three Decades of
Event Innovations

Trust in Visit’s unparalleled experience, working with top-tier businesses to deliver complete, tech-driven event solutions. AI Matchmaking is our latest venture into smart event experiences.

Data Sources

Our advanced AI engine derives recommendations from a multitude of data sources, including but not limited to:

Customized Recommendations

AI Matchmaking uses specific data points to recommend:

Randomized Connections: A Human Touch

Visit’s AI algorithms incorporate a degree of randomness to mimic human behavior, fostering unique connections that might not occur otherwise.