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Streamline every aspect of your event — from planning to execution — with our integrated tools.

Enhance participant engagement and ensure a seamless experience with our robust and flexible platform, designed for events of all sizes.

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Registration, Badging & Access Control

Simple & Powerful Registration Solutions

Hassle-free, scalable, and rich-feature solutions for any event size.

Customizable Features

Tailor registration with multilingual options, conditional rules, and custom badges.

Personalized Attendee Journeys

Enhance engagement with custom forms, segmentation, and interactive features.

Seamless Event Access

Implement paperless, scalable access solutions to improve flow and reduce wait times.

Hybrid Events

Robust Solutions to Navigate Challenges in Hybrid Events

Blend Virtual and Physical Experiences

Extend your reach beyond the venue with live streaming, digital content, and dedicated event apps for visitors and exhibitors.

Create Networking Opportunities

Facilitate connections through video calls, sessions, messaging, and matchmaking.

Maximize Online Participation

Track critical data and participant behavior to boost event ROI.

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Visitor and Exhibitor Apps

Optimize Interactions

Use Visit’s exhibitor and visitor apps to enhance connectivity and networking among participants.

Guide Event Journeys

Enable attendees to personalize their schedules and interact more deeply with exhibitors.

Engage More Effectively

Share digital content interactively, enhancing attendee engagement and lead quality.

Efficient Lead Capture

Utilize QR codes and NFC technology for easy and effective lead generation.

control the showfloor

Exhibitor Management

Simplified and Centralized Setup

Easily add or bulk import exhibitors, manage them via API, use tags for categorization, and the integrated email delivery for efficient communication.

Customization and Personalization

Distribute Visit Connect access licences, manage exhibitors’ team members, and track discount codes and orders.

Overview of Engagement and Content

Gain a comprehensive perspective on engagement with tools and monitor licenses, invited guests, email delivery, digital content, and sponsorship options.

Streamline Exhibitor Experience

Equip exhibitors with tools for pre-event preparation, real-time engagement, and post-event follow-up.

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From initial setup to post-event analysis, our platform covers every aspect of event management.


Adapt every feature to match the specific needs of your event, enhancing both the experience and the outcome.

Reliable & Scalable

Both organizers and participants enjoy an intuitive, hassle-free experience, maximizing engagement and ROI.