Empower your visitors

Visitors are the heart of events. They’re the reason why exhibitors show up, and why you strive to organise the perfect experience. Make their visit personal and memorable with a digital companion that helps them plan their event in advance, make the most of it during the show, and review their experience after. For those that can’t be there in person, Visit Discover lets them interact with exhibitors and their content virtually.

Build excitement before the event

Allow your visitors to register through a custom-made registration form built to collect the details you need to understand their interests and tailor their event experience. Send them instant email confirmation with access to Visit Discover.
Before the doors open, let your visitors explore the event on their visitor app. From browsing through exhibitors and their products, downloading digital content such as flyers, videos or brochures, to exploring the event agenda and adding sessions to their personal calendar. They can make contact and request meetings with exhibitors, mark content as favourite, and get personalised recommendations for companies, people or products.

Drive engagement during the event

During the show, streamline your visitors’ journey with a contactless check-in process and digital badge.

They have an instant list of appointments, booked seminars, and marked activities – and can continue to browse from the palm of their hand as they explore the show.
Contacts with exhibitors are instantly exchanged by allowing exhibitors to scan the digital badge in the app, and visitors can collect digital information by scanning the QR codes around the show.

Create lasting impressions after the event

Once the event is over, keep your visitors connected through a full record of their activities at the show: contacts made, seminars attended, digital information ready to download at the click of a button. Visit makes it easy for the visitor to review their journey and follow up after the event.


Build the experience they deserve!

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