Bridging Digital Expectations

EasyFairs and Visit’s Approach to Sustainable Event Engagement

Packaging Première & PCD Milan is an annual showcase for industry professionals to connect and explore the future of packaging design and technology.

In a constantly evolving industry, including shifts towards digitalisation and increased demand for sustainable solutions, EasyFairs’ approach focused on harnessing technology to bridge the gap between event engagement and the evolving digital expectations of exhibitors and attendees.

Recognising the gap, we integrated our robust registration system with the innovative Visit Touchpoints technology – Touchpoints are small NFC devices that visitors can interact with using their smart badges to access exhibitor-provided digital content. They serve as a tool for exhibitors to share product information, collect visitor data, and engage attendees effectively. 

Attendees register for the event anytime, anywhere, on any device, online and onsite. Equipped with smart badges, they can effortlessly interact with exhibitors, collect valuable content, and engage in a meaningful way throughout the event, just by tapping their badge on Touchpoints.

This combination was designed to streamline the attendee journey, enhance exhibitor visibility, and drive the success of events by facilitating meaningful connections.

The integration of Visit’s Touchpoints and registration system at Packaging Première & PCD Milan was designed to meet the needs of both attendees and exhibitors, delivering impressive numbers:


The event had 15,000+ registrations, with 9,700+ attendees, demonstrating the appeal of the event and the effectiveness of our client’s marketing and engagement strategies.


Through the Visit Connect Lead Capture App, we recorded over 9,300 connections, while NFC interactions surpassed 60,000, indicating high levels of participant engagement and interaction facilitated by our technology.


The integration of smart badges with Touchpoints ensured an enhanced attendee experience, enabling effortless content collection and interaction with exhibitors. This system not only made navigation intuitive but also enriched the overall event experience.

Innovation & Uniqueness

The deployment of Touchpoints, integrated with our SaaS registration system, marked a significant innovation in event technology.

This combination improved the registration process, facilitated dynamic access control, and provided a new level of engagement between attendees and exhibitors. Unique in its ability to cater to the specific needs of various event industries, our technology set a new benchmark for event experiences.

Our technology played an important role in the event’s success, meeting user needs through:

Automated Processes

Exhibitors and their products are being automatically created in Visit, through an API integration between Visit and EasyFairs’ systems. Touchpoints are then assigned and labelled at Visit’s offices and then sent directly to the event.

On-site they are distributed to exhibitors. Exhibitors have a hassle free experience, having more time to focus on visitors.

Consistency in Large-Scale Projects

Successfully implemented across 300+ events, our technology demonstrated its reliability and scalability, ensuring consistent and flawless execution regardless of event size.

Operational Excellence

EasyFairs’ meticulous maintenance of procedures and strategic staffing ensured that every technological aspect was managed to perfection, contributing to the smooth and efficient experience for all involved.

Competitive Edge

What sets our solutions apart in the competitive landscape is not just the innovative technology of the Touchpoints system but also our approach to integrating and automating the event experience.

Our system ensures that exhibitors are equipped with the necessary tools for success by default, eliminating the need for extensive preparation and enabling them to concentrate on engaging with attendees.

This level of automation and integration, combined with the proven track record of success across numerous events, establishes our solution as the industry benchmark.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, we’re expanding our ecosystem with new engagement modules, currently in beta, including matchmaking, meetings, and messaging. These innovations aim to complete the attendee journey, creating more immersive, valuable, and memorable event experiences.

We are also currently working on the next generation Touchpoints. Among other improvements, they will have an improved design, a bigger battery (which implies longer operation times), and they will include a small display. All these are aimed at more efficient preparation and deployment procedures, while improving the onsite experience for event participants.


In conclusion, Visit’s Registration and Touchpoints technologies have redefined innovation, functionality, and efficiency in the events industry.

By continuously exceeding expectations and setting new standards, we stand by our commitment to leading the industry with solutions that adapt to and meet the ever-changing demands of our clients and their audiences.


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Bridging Digital Expectations

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